Paperless at Home or Home Office

Speaking of paperless offices – Do you or someone you know have an office at home? This would, of course, include the family “den.” Take a look at this excerpt of a Designing Spaces episode, which features my friend Derek Flower, who is the Senior Account Manager – ScanSnap at Fujitsu. He is demonstrating Fujitsu’s ScanSnap S1500, the latest and greatest of the personal desktop line of scanners. I have both an S510, the previous model, and an S300, the portable model. Don’t mistake that label, though; both the S510 and S1500 are portable, as well, they’re just bigger than the S300.

You can even purchase a shoulder bag for the S510; the S300 fits into your briefcase.

Having one of these babies in your den or home office is great for taming the paper tiger of personal records and bills that we must keep track of. Before I moved into my home office, I would take my personal mail to the office the next day, scan it in there and send it to my personal email inbox for handling later when I got home. That required me to handle it more than once, which was a drag. Then I had to file it, tickle it, or something. Now, working from home, I am integrating my professional and personal lives in my scanning, tickling, bill paying, etc. These scanners make it all simple.

Derek can be found at

Do you already own one of these fantastic scanners? Leave a comment below about yours and how you use it. I’d love to hear.

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Kris Krol is an attorney in private practice in Lansing, Michigan. Since 1998, she has increased her knowledge about the “business” of practicing of law. Specifically, she has learned how to streamline her practice and to maximize various software solutions in the practice of law. In 2005, she began an 18-month transition to a completely paperless office.
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