Kris Krol is an attorney in private practice in Lansing, Michigan. Since 1998, she has increased her knowledge about the “business” of practicing of law. Specifically, she has learned how to streamline her practice and to maximize various software solutions in the practice of law. In 2005, she began an 18-month transition to a completely paperless office.

Through the encouragement of a colleague and mentor, Ms. Krol has earned her certification in the award-winning Time Matters software from LexisNexis, Inc. With that certification as a springboard, she has launched a consulting practice, Michigan Legal Technology Solutions, or MI Legal Tech, to assist other attorneys who have a desire to increase their profitability and productivity through the efficient use of technology.

Ms. Krol is married with three children and lives in DeWitt, Michigan.

Professional photograph courtesy of Steve Dean Photography.

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