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Kris Krol is an attorney in private practice in Lansing, Michigan. Since 1998, she has increased her knowledge about the “business” of practicing of law. Specifically, she has learned how to streamline her practice and to maximize various software solutions in the practice of law. In 2005, she began an 18-month transition to a completely paperless office.

Best Buy is the Worst Buy!

My office is in the Lansing, Michigan, area. My family and business have been with Verizon Wireless since the mid-1990s. I had a Franklin planner until 2000, when I bought a Handspring Visor PDA. I went on from there to Palm … Continue reading

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Smartphone Turf War Gets Down to Business

Having been on Verizon Wireless since the mid-1990s and the last few years, and having a Handspring/Palm device since 2000, I’m finally taking the leap to Apple’s iPhone 4. I purchased an iPod Touch in early 2009 to prepare for … Continue reading

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Duplicate Emails in Outlook

Are you one of those people (like me) who like to use Rules in Outlook to redirect your messages? Have you ever been confounded by duplicate emails when they reach their final destination? Well, I may have a solution for … Continue reading

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